Can Kids Be Entrepreneurs?
Can Kids Be Entrepreneurs?

Can Kids Be Entrepreneurs?

Yes! Lily of Lily Frilly Hair Bows and Accessories did just that! She became a kid CEO of her own brand, and now her fun hairbows are available at Walmart and Target stores nationwide!

Lily Builds Her Brand

Most kids are so amazed by the world and love to discover and explore. Kids love to follow their instinct and examine, analyze, and investigate naturally. Could entrepreneurship be also instinctive and learned at a young age? We think so. What is wrong with enhancing and empowering kids to explore the business world. It is never too early to teach basic entrepreneurial principles and feeding kids’ curiosity in a simple, interactive, creative, fun, and safe way. Courtney Adeleye, beauty maven, has done just that with her six-year-old daughter Lily, CEO, and owner of the brand Lily Frilly. Lily Frilly is an exciting, colorful, and glittery world of fun featuring dazzling and sparkling hairbows and other cute hair accessories. The brand also offers fun clothing, toys, games, and back to school essentials. Little girls all over the world tune into little Lily on her social media platforms as she also teaches them to remember to let their life sparkle and not to forget the glitter, boosting love and self-confidence within themselves.

Lily Is Hands-On In Her Company

Not only as a kidpreneur, but Lily also serves as lead innovator of her Lily Frilly company. She is personally involved in the process of designing and choosing which new Lily Frilly bows will be next to be introduced in her sparkling inventory line-up. She specifically designed her Lily Frilly slime to be clean and non-sticky so that kids could have a more enjoyable playing experience. Lily plays an integral part within her brand and is learning early the skills that it takes to function in leadership all while having fun.

Lily is learning Life Skills

Kidpreneurs such as Lily have the great opportunity to gain incredible life skills through planning, launching, and growing their own enterprise. Research shows that children introduced to entrepreneurship and financial literacy can grow to be more confident and responsible.

Most people say, “It is never too late,” Courtney Adeleye believes that it is never too early, especially for her daughter Lily of Lily Frilly. She believes the benefits of an early introduction to the basic principles and infinite rewards of entrepreneurship can be huge!